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  1. kamov

    Neue Ultraleicht-Ausrüstung

    New packs at Gramxpert 20€ Off on orders above 175€ Coupon: xmas2017 valid until 31.12. Now the domain also changed: https://www.gramxpert.eu/
  2. kamov

    GramXpert HaLite Quilt: Erster Eindruck

    From 16.-31.12. -20€ on orders over 175€. Coupon: "xmas2017". I'm doing a new web site and it takes a while
  3. kamov

    GramXpert HaLite Quilt: Erster Eindruck

    Yes! On top of that, a bank transfer (-3%) discount is also possible. If you wait a week or so, there will be some christmas discounts as well. Cheers
  4. kamov

    Bezugsquellen für MYOG-Stoffe

    Speaking of linelocs, I mostly finished our small shop, welcome to take a look https://www.adventurexpert.com/ Some prices are a bit higher because we don't buy large quantities.
  5. kamov

    Bezugsquellen für MYOG-Stoffe

    No they don't hold the 1.5mm at all. Very similar to lineloc3 just ~20% lighter. Nifco tensioners are very good but heavy.
  6. kamov

    GramXpert HaLite Quilt: Erster Eindruck

    Hey @dc1wh I already replied you on FB
  7. kamov

    GramXpert HaLite Quilt: Erster Eindruck

    The inner part is made out of 2 pieces because there is a hole where the quilt is turned arround when we finish sewing. At first we had the opening on the side of the quilt but now we figured out it's better to have it there (~28cm from the bottom) because it is more convenient in case of repair. It is slightly more work and ~0.4g more but I think it is well worth it in the long run. Now all of our quilts have this seam except for the haLite where it can be hidden elsewhere. Climashield durability test
  8. Huh a lot of replys. As mentioned, companies don't have to accept returns of a special custom items (not listed in our site), but we will accept returns of anything, we just want to find a solution where you as a user and we as designer are satisfied. As I said we try to prevent such situations by good communication before the order. We have presented arguments why we don't like to work like this at the moment, but as this topic went quite far me and Maj decided to make you @Lookas 2 quilts. Further communication if the selected quilt model will work for you will go through email. Thank you guys, for understanding our situation.
  9. Hello everyone, This is some kind of misunderstanding. Maybe because you were talking with me and my brother Maj separately. We don't have any problems with returns, neither with deffective items or if customer is not satisfied with our product as @BruderLeichtfuss already mentioned, we even offered him a free return shipping in case he wouldn't be satisfied with his eLite. Generally ordering from such small custom gear cottages includes a lot of communication between customer and gear maker. I think that's the reason why it is called custom gear and I am glad you @Lookas called me yesterday and we talked almost one hour to clarify what you need. We didn't finish our talk because it was a late afternoon and I promised we will continue discussion today to find the right fitting product for you. The change of our return policy mentioned in the email you received, was an immediate response of Maj to your idea of buying 2 custom quilts of the same length just different widths just to test them and then sending one back. We are a micro company which just started, and we can't afford yet to purposely make items in stock because we are very limited in our resources. We can't operate this way like big corporations do and we don't even want to be like them. Maj just meant to update the policy which would prevent such orders where the 14 day return policy is purposely used to return one item and keep other one, that was all he wanted to do. That's why is important to talk with us into details before purchase and then buy item that we recommend. Running such bussines is not an easy task which also Marco of As Tucas pointed out when he wished us good luck. I think this is also the charm of the cottage gear makers; sharing gear advices and creating some interesting products.Iit is a win-win combination. We have good and friendly relations with all our buyers and they can confirm that. We consider ourselves as a part of european UL community and we prefer to be on a more personal level with costumers than just ordinary buyer-seller relation. That's why we would never do things that would harm our customer. Please be reasonable and understand our point of view. But to make it clear we do accept returns. LG Kajo
  10. There are some options to close the hole at the bottom. Make the cord channel on top of the apex:
  11. kamov

    GramXpert HaLite Quilt: Erster Eindruck

    Yes there is a trick The eLite has no draft hole. This is because the drawstring channel is placed inside, on top of the apex and when cinched together it actually compresses the insulation which fills the void. Works very well. I will attach a scheme in MYOG section.
  12. kamov

    GramXpert HaLite Quilt: Erster Eindruck

    Hi guys, I really appreciate the positive feedback! @Dr.Matchbox Connect the top snaps together, and then connect the second snap with the last snap (the one next to the zipper end). Closing the zipper is optional. Arms can be moved freely even if it doesn't look like @milamber Yes it is possible of course. Customization is limited by your own imagination We just recently made a similar quilt based on eLite (3 season - Apex 133 + body sized Apex 67). About the quality of the fabric: We use the same 10D 0.66 OZ taffeta fabric as many of US brands use. Very good reports so far. Cheers, Kajo
  13. kamov

    Neue Ultraleicht-Ausrüstung

    Thanks for your wishes! Yes we are completely new, videos and some more closeup photos are planned, but unfortunately at the moment we have so much to do with bureaucracy...
  14. kamov

    Neue Ultraleicht-Ausrüstung

    Hello everyone! My name is Kajo and I am a co-founder of a new EU based (Slovenia) UL cottage gear maker - GramXpert, which just started to sell custom UL gear. I really like this site, especially the MYOG section, because is more technical than other UL forums. I got much inspiration from you, so I published the announcement here first You are welcome to take a look at our website: www.gramxpert.com Currently we are mostly making quilts but we also plan to produce packs (summer/autumn), shelters (probably next year) and other accessories. Also in few months we will open a small UL specialized MYOG shop, with some very interesting items to complement other EU based shops. Current production time is 3-6 days We offer free worldwide shipping on all our items Until the end of june you can buy our items with up to 10% discount and get free gift with all purchases over 100€. Additionally we offer 5% discount for all UL forum members Code: ULforums2017 (this code is valid till the end of 2017 and discounts do stack up ) Regards, Kajo
  15. kamov

    KuFa Comforter.

    Maybe your socks/underwear are tight enough to reduce blood circulation. I noticed that I can sleep better without socks and with pants instead of long johns. Or make yourself a pair of apex socks which works best. Cheers K