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  1. There are some options to close the hole at the bottom. Make the cord channel on top of the apex:
  2. Yes there is a trick The eLite has no draft hole. This is because the drawstring channel is placed inside, on top of the apex and when cinched together it actually compresses the insulation which fills the void. Works very well. I will attach a scheme in MYOG section.
  3. Hi guys, I really appreciate the positive feedback! @Dr.Matchbox Connect the top snaps together, and then connect the second snap with the last snap (the one next to the zipper end). Closing the zipper is optional. Arms can be moved freely even if it doesn't look like @milamber Yes it is possible of course. Customization is limited by your own imagination We just recently made a similar quilt based on eLite (3 season - Apex 133 + body sized Apex 67). About the quality of the fabric: We use the same 10D 0.66 OZ taffeta fabric as many of US brands use. Very good reports so far. Cheers, Kajo
  4. Thanks for your wishes! Yes we are completely new, videos and some more closeup photos are planned, but unfortunately at the moment we have so much to do with bureaucracy...
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Kajo and I am a co-founder of a new EU based (Slovenia) UL cottage gear maker - GramXpert, which just started to sell custom UL gear. I really like this site, especially the MYOG section, because is more technical than other UL forums. I got much inspiration from you, so I published the announcement here first You are welcome to take a look at our website: www.gramxpert.com Currently we are mostly making quilts but we also plan to produce packs (summer/autumn), shelters (probably next year) and other accessories. Also in few months we will open a small UL specialized MYOG shop, with some very interesting items to complement other EU based shops. Current production time is 3-6 days We offer free worldwide shipping on all our items Until the end of june you can buy our items with up to 10% discount and get free gift with all purchases over 100€. Additionally we offer 5% discount for all UL forum members Code: ULforums2017 (this code is valid till the end of 2017 and discounts do stack up ) Regards, Kajo
  6. Maybe your socks/underwear are tight enough to reduce blood circulation. I noticed that I can sleep better without socks and with pants instead of long johns. Or make yourself a pair of apex socks which works best. Cheers K
  7. Hi, Is there any good weather android app specificaly for austria (radar etc..)? Thanks lg
  8. Hi, I am doing nord-süd-weitwanderweg in Austria (~500km, ~20days). Tent/tarp only. I plan it in August or early September If anyone wants to join, welcome LG, K
  9. Hi, I am currently looking for alpine insurance solution and have one question: Is mountain search and rescue in Germany free (helicopter,...)? LG, K
  10. If you want clean finish you can do it as sleeping bag manufacturers do it. It is relatively simple 1. Sew complete outer quilt with 200g Apex, sew the footbox to the quilt as well 2. Sew complete inner quilt with 100g Apex, sew the footbox to the quilt as well but leave 20cm opening to turn the quilt inside-out 3. Add drawstring channel, etc. 4. This step needs some attention because it can be done wrong, it is hard to explain. Sew both pieces together face to face only on lines shown below: Your best bet to do it right is to take your old cheap kufa sleeping bag and on the inside, usually somewhere at the bottom you will see stitching where manufacturer turned out the sleeping bag. Rip the seam open and turn the bag over to see how to sew your quilt correctly.
  11. I got reply regarding Climashield/Primaloft 67g from Extremtextil on 12.5.2016. I hope it will be in stock soon. Maybe someone else should write to them so they can see that people are interested in 67g
  12. It is hard to say. It is not so easy to determine like you can with sleeping bags. Depends on layering, activity type, etc. I would go with Apex 100 body + Apex 67 sleeves for 3 season. Waiting for @P4uL0 to report how his jacket performs
  13. This is some complex pattern you have chosen Excellent work! I finished my vest today, I went with the simplest design possible 100g/m ^2 Apex, 10D nylon, #3 zipper - exactly 150g I cut inner and outer pieces in the same size, then I used 2cm seam allowance on red fabric and 1cm on black (outer layer) The collar on this vest is a bit tight if pullover worn underneath so I suggest extending the collar by 2-4cm (46x14cm for example) Now I am waiting Extremtextil to stock the 67g Apex to make a jacket cheers
  14. I am planing to do my jacket this way: 1. Sew all pieces of inner layer together 2. Sew the all pieces of outer layer + climashield together 3. Turn the Inner layer inside-out 4. Sew the zipper in between the inner and outer layer (with the zipper teeth pointing away from the fabric edge) 5. Put the inner layer into outer 6. Final step is to sew this elastic webbing to the hood, cuffs and bottom with a zig-zag stitch I will make a tutorial when I get some time to sew it, somewhere within 2 months It should look like this:
  15. I can recommend Sunree Youdo 3 Link ( rechargable - micro usb port) Its may not be the cheapest chinese lamp but it is very decent. I use it for almost 2 years now without problems. The button is not the best, you get used to it. Weight is about 94g, with a simple modification you can get to 67g. I measured capacity around 2 months ago and it is around 1400 mAh I recently modified my Sunree headlamps: The big headlamp with 1.25mm and the Sunree Mini with 1mm elastic cord (I got those cords in a local art shop, this elastic is very strong and is used for armbands). It is very comfortable to wear them and secure enough for hiking. I also removed the metal baseball cap attachment from the Sunree Mini (I don't wear cap at night ) . 22g is with batteries included (7g lighter).