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  1. OT: Thanks, it's indeed 100cm (~40") my abacus is broken at the moment
  2. Yes I tested it, the tape still holds on! At the bottom ob the backpack it started to peel off slightly on some places, but not critical. However, the 50gsm DCF fabric abraded so much it is not waterproof anymore, maybe still has 300-500mm HH. Most notably on rolltop closure. So taping doesn't make any sense on the long run. The photo is from the roll-top area. It would probably be better with fabrics such as x21 with thicker PET film but I prefer good old pack liner. I think taping added about 26g so it is not that light at all.
  3. I am pretty sure It is strong enough for this application. I have my food bag and backpack sealed for the PCT hike this year. I will comment more on durability when I get back. LG, K
  4. I am now testing transfer tape + polycro for backpack sealing. So far results are very promising. Will report back after some months. Big advantage of polycro over DCF is stretch. DCF has almost no stretch, so it is very hard to seal small/micro wrinkles on the backpack. Polycro has a bit worse adhesion to 1163/9485PC tape compared to DCF, but it is still ok. Temperature shrinkage should't be a problem.
  5. Friction is possible explanation but I doubt it is that much of a difference. I think it would be the friction from the needle going back up then. In this case friction is increased mainly because you used thicker needle before rather than needle type. I would say if microtex 80 works fine for you then just use that. Best to turn off the machine when doing that so no accidental pressing on the pedal Not sure if this works with computerized machines.
  6. @Peschamel I'm suprised it works better with the microtex 80 needle. This might also be the cause: Tension discs open up after the presser foot is lifted beyond a certain point. When material is too thick (eg. shoulder straps) tension discs on some household sewing machines tend to open up and loose all upper tension resulting in underside loops like those on your photo. You can check when that happens by pulling the upper thread and slowly lifting the foot. If your machine has adjustable presser foot tension then try to put more tension to it. Method that also works is pressing down on the
  7. kamov

    PCT 2019

    Options to reduce shopping time in towns: https://zerodayresupply.com/ https://www.trailsupplyco.com/ https://www.sonorapassresupply.com/
  8. New packs at Gramxpert 20€ Off on orders above 175€ Coupon: xmas2017 valid until 31.12. Now the domain also changed: https://www.gramxpert.eu/
  9. From 16.-31.12. -20€ on orders over 175€. Coupon: "xmas2017". I'm doing a new web site and it takes a while
  10. Yes! On top of that, a bank transfer (-3%) discount is also possible. If you wait a week or so, there will be some christmas discounts as well. Cheers
  11. Speaking of linelocs, I mostly finished our small shop, welcome to take a look https://www.adventurexpert.com/ Some prices are a bit higher because we don't buy large quantities.
  12. No they don't hold the 1.5mm at all. Very similar to lineloc3 just ~20% lighter. Nifco tensioners are very good but heavy.
  13. Hey @dc1wh I already replied you on FB
  14. The inner part is made out of 2 pieces because there is a hole where the quilt is turned arround when we finish sewing. At first we had the opening on the side of the quilt but now we figured out it's better to have it there (~28cm from the bottom) because it is more convenient in case of repair. It is slightly more work and ~0.4g more but I think it is well worth it in the long run. Now all of our quilts have this seam except for the haLite where it can be hidden elsewhere. Climashield durability test
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