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  1. For those interested, I'm back from my hike through Armenia, Georgia and Turkey. From the iranian border to Istanbul, I hiked 3200 kilometers, 105 days mostly on paths, gravel roads and almost without asphalt. The hospitality, the scenery are extraordinary. I updated all the information (water, resupply, GPS tracks) : Caminaire
  2. Hello. I didn't have problems to find gas canisters in Italy buying those in Decathlon stores (in all the big towns). It's possible to click and collect those. If you need information for places to resupply along the way, I put information for the different areas of Italy. See the link Italy 2021
  3. Central Greece, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Via Dinarica...all these countries can answer to your demand for wild mountains, wild camping and weather still ok in September. I hiked through all these countries in the mountains and it's really beautiful.
  4. I hiked through Sardinia north to south last year. If you want to hike few days, I recommend the part from Oliena to Ulassai. On this way, you'll have mountains with the highest mountain of Sardinia, Nuraghe historical ruins (Tiscali, Serbissi), Gorropu canyon, Perda e Liana mountain... I wild camped most of the nights. Water is rare but doable in spring. I put more information on this page Sardinia
  5. Hello. If you start in April the Hexatrek, you will be in the Alps in may, too early. There will be too much snow. Going from the south, April is far too early for the Pyrenees. The only options I see is to start from somewhere in Germany and arrive in June in Vosges or to start in south of Spain to be in the Pyrenees mid June.
  6. For the Sentiero Italia, the website of Va Sentiero gives a lot of information. I hiked through Italy in 2016 and 2021. Sometimes it's tougher than in France because the trail doesn't exist anymore.
  7. If you are interested for hiking through France, in 2020, I hiked through the mountains (Vosges, Jura, Alps, Massif Central, Pyrénées) from the German border to the Spanish one. It's quite similar to the Hexatrek way. Information (GPS tracks, resupply, accomodation...) with the link Grande Traversée of France
  8. In 2018, starting in April, I hiked through Cyprus then Crete, Peloponnese, Central Greece, Albania, Via Dinarica and Via Alpina until the Dolomites. I ended mid July so it was possible to follow through the Alps until Germany. Way through Europe
  9. I hiked through Crete in April 2018. There were still snow on the top of the mountains (see the picture of Psiloritis)
  10. After Italy in 2021, I plan Armenia Georgia and Turkey this year. 3250km, 4 months hiking from Southern Armenia to Istanbul. Starting end of may 2022. Caucasus Turkey
  11. Hello (I'm french and don't speak german) In early spring, hiking through Mediterranean islands could be an option (but you might have snow in the highest parts). For Cyprus, Sicily, Crete, you will find there informations (GPS tracks, water, accomodation, daily stages...) in english or in french. I'm currently preparing for 2021 the hike through Sardinia (475km) which is probably the one easier to do early in the season as there are not high mountains. Later in the year, in the map below, all the trails I hiked with GPS tracks and useful informations.
  12. Congratulations. I met you the last day of your HRP and you told me you wanted to end the HRP in 22 days and 22 hours. You succeeded. You had a light backpack and an heavy camera... I hiked the HRP in 25 days (22 days from Canigou to the Atlantic Ocean + 3 days when I met you) at the end of my thru hike of France from Alsace to Hendaye through all the mountain ranges of the country (Vosges, Jura, Alps, Massif Central and Pyrenees).
  13. Hello. You will find informations for some parts of those trails in French or in English I hiked through France this summer
  14. Hello I will start the "Grande Traversée de la France" June 17th from the French/German border. 3 months hiking, 2500km 117km of elevation gain from Alsace to Basque Country through the five mountain ranges of France : Vosges (Grande Traversée des Vosges), Jura (Grande Traversée du Jura), Alps (north part of the GR5), Massif Central and Pyrenees (HRP). More info of my way (GPS track, information...) in english or in french
  15. Well, usually, I'm starting to think about a new long distance hike in autumn and I have 6 months to prepare it : preparing the GPS track, learning foreign language, reading books, novels, watching movies about those countries. I bring some ebooks or pdf books but once I'm hiking, I don't have a lot of time (and mind) to read.
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