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  1. Hello. In Italy, from the eastern island of Sicily (Marettimo) to the French Border, I hiked 2530 kilometers. Depending on how many kilometers you hike a day, it takes 3 months (30km/day) to 4 months (20km/day). It's easy to make 2/3 weeks in Sicily then the same in Calabria... etc. You will find more about this thru-hike of Italy and the other ones on my blog.
  2. Hello. Sorry, as I'm French and I don't speak German, I'm writing in English. I just discovered this forum as some people linked a post to my blog. As I'm now lockdowned in my apartment, my social life is reduced and there's only phone and internet for that... I love long distance hikes. I hiked in Nepal, Appalachian Trail but I love particularly long distance hikes in Europe. Here, we have not only wilderness but also history, culture... I'm very happy to find information when I'm preparing a long distance hike so in return, I try to do the same when I'm doing one. So, you can have a look on my blog in french (more complete but in french...) or in english if you want information (GPS track, accomodation, water...) about those hikes. Hiking through Balkans, Carpathians, all Italy are splendids. I specialy love the Pyrenees (my home mountain...).
  3. I agree with "German Tourist" post. There are so many possibilities in Europe where you can not only have "the wild" but also culture, history. I really like make stops in a cafe in a small village, meet people. Eastern Europe is great. Western Europe is great. South Europe is great for that. Carpathians mountains, Bulgaria, ... and one of my best hiking through Greece and then Albania : sumptuous mountains and fantastic hospitality. If you want a little more information about those hikes (GPS track, accommodation, water, resupply), in English or in French. Sorry, not in German.
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